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Golden Spiral Counseling,pllc

Quality Teletherapy. Holistic Interventions.


Quality Teletherapy.

Holistic Interventions.

The golden spiral is an inherent pattern, seen throughout the universe; this beautiful geometrical design symbolizes the natural spirit of existence, shared amongst all life and throughout the cosmos.

The golden spiral reminds us that we all share interconnectedness and an universal awareness; 


the energy which fosters our existence, our burdens, our discomforts,


ultimately encourages us to thrive, connect and be well. 

Who I am.

Hello! My name is Anna Chavez-Sandoval, my pronouns are she/her and I am the owner of Golden Spiral Counseling. I am a multicultural licensed professional counselor (LPC). My ancestors come from various lands including Iberia, Mesoamerica, Andeana and others. I grew up and continue to live in the San Luis Valley, located in Southern Colorado.


I received my Bachelors degree in Psychology and my Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health. With free time I can often be found amongst my family, within nature or engaged in a creative activity. I love to hike, read, write and caretake for my many plants. Aside from being a therapist, I am a mother, a wife and survivor of my own adverse experiences.


I facilitated individual and group psychotherapy at a local community mental health center for over seven years as an outpatient clinician.

In 2021 I left CMH and served as a mental health provider for an online K-12 school, teaching in the virtual classroom as well as with individual kids and families.


Through all these roles, I have been proud to wear a trauma informed lens and encourage the development of skills that support wellness.

This focus continues in my private practice today.


Throughout the years, I learned many healing methods. I apply these practices to my own life, as well as continue to teach them in the therapeutic setting. My passion for knowledge and innate curiosity lends to how I work both as a counselor, and a person. In many ways I am simultaneously the teacher, and the student.

Our brains have a protective way of burying our true self, my mission is to assist you in the excavation of who you truly are, by teaching you drop into the calm, wise intuitive spaces where you can untangle and tune in.

My therapeutic process is one that both validates the struggles while harnessing strengths and resilience. By pulling interventions together we co-create a path for change to occur. I weave together compassion, perspective and coping skills so clients feel safe, heard and empowered. I do this through a secure online platform as I apply holistic complimentary interventions, accessible from the comfort of your home or any safe space within your natural environment.


Using trauma informed practices like mindfulness, meditation, art, breathe work and visualization, I aim to help clients become attuned to their energy in a way that both nurtures and empowers, allowing healing to take place while simultaneously promoting the person to thrive in their life. 

You are the expert in your life and I am here to help guide your journey as your manifest a life of meaning, connection and intention.

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