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Anxiety is an emotional, physical, cognitive experience that encompasses the feeling of being untethered and on alert. It connects back to our survival system and it's efforts to keep us safe. Through stressful experiences, that innately helpful alert system can get stuck in the "ON" function, leading to on-going worry thoughts or overthinking, visceral manifestations (like stomach problems, feeling shaky, rapid heartbeat, sweating) and a general feeling of unease or caution towards future and current events. 


Anxiety disconnects us from the parts of self that carry confidence and calm. It can also disconnect us from our bodies, as we try desperately to avoid somatic discomforts and what feels like an explosion of the emotions (panic attacks). These disconnects are also visible on a neuro level, as studies have found anxious-wired brains look different than non-anxiously wired ones. 

Treatment for anxiety aims to turn the alarm system down (think of reducing the intensity of a dimmer light). This can be achieved a variety of ways, usually including relaxation skills, mindfulness, traditional processing, desensitizing/defusing the charge of triggers and addressing the underlying experiences which created the hypervigilant alarm to begin with. 



Connect today to set up a free 15-20 minute consultation call.

We will talk modalities and approaches to see if this is a good fit!

Plant Pots


This conversation really starts at the consult call. Following the call, we plan and complete our first session. Details about treatment needs, goals and modalites will be peiced together to create a customized treatment plan.


Cultivate healing

The journey begins! We will work together to apply interventions that result in anxiety relief. This will include learning more about the fear response, getting a better understanding of your nervous system and addressing wounds underlying anxious responses. Feel yourself continue to shift towards balance as you apply techniques outside of sessions.

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