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Acu detox involves the gentle placement of five acupuncture-like needles into each ear. Each needle is sterilized and safely disposed of after use. For those who do not want needle placement, seeds or beads can be applied instead, for a non-invasive alternative treatment. AcuDetox is an adjunct service, used in combination with counseling or another healing treatment.


AcuDetox treatment aims to provide balance for the entire system, both physical and emotional. Placement of the needles (or beads) can be provided after a therapy session or during a therapeutic service like group, meditation or during therapy. Treatment times vary from 30-45 minutes (although time can be as short as you'd like).

The benefits are countless and can include better sleep, increased feelings of calmness and relaxation, reduced feelings of anxiety, decreased anger or agitation, reduced cravings for mood altering substances (seen across the board for all substances of use), minimized withdrawal symptoms and emotional release from stress and trauma.

When combined with other wellness interventions (such as counseling, skills building or medical care), AcuDetox supplements the body's natural tendency to heal itself.

The NADA protocol is being used around the world and backed by research, for more of those resources check out :  Research - National Acupuncture Detoxification Assocation (

Traditionally, AcuDetox is provided as a group intervention; this allows multiple people to benefit from treatments in a shorter span of time for the Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS). 

However, individual rejuvenation sessions are also available. Please note: I am not a Medicaid provider. If you have Medicaid coverage that includes mental health services, I am not able to offer mental health services to you.

To inquire about individual and group counseling with optional AcuDetox treatments, please contact Anna directly by either phone or email. 

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