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Trauma is the Greek word for Wound. In mental health, a trauma wound can happen in attachment, relational and physical experiences. Trauma is any abnormal event (a deviation from safety and/or wellness) that caused overwhelm and couldn't be processed by the brain, body and mind; all reactions are "normal" responses to abnormal experiences. 


Trauma is an event that resulted in emotional, cognitive and/or spiritual hurt. Memories and emotions are carried within the cells of our bodies; trauma memories carry an additional charge of emotion that can cause daily distress and disrupt functioning.


What constitutes an experience as traumatic differs one individual to another. Symptoms of trauma can range from intrusive thoughts/memories, feeling like the trauma is being relived, physical discomforts within the body, unhealthy relational patterns and many more.


 Trauma is treatable. Treatment aims to reduce the emotional charge, increase coping skills so symptoms don't feel as overwhelming and help the brain process the event(s) so that it can be effectively stored into long term memory.

For more info on holistic healing check out the Holistic Wellness page.



Connect today via phone (719-215-8469) or email ( to talk about trauma treatment

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I will contact you to discuss treatment needs and goals. This is also a time to ask questions and inquire about modalites.


Cultivate healing

Begin counseling to address the struggles that accompany trauma. Get relief from trauma symptoms and heal.

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