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Depression is an emotional, physical, cognitive and behavioral experience that encompasses the feeling of being disconnected from both oneself and from others. The World Health Organization estimates that about 280 million people in the world suffer with depression. However, most individuals struggling do not receive treatment or care. How it manifests changes from one person to the next, general symptoms include: 
Heavy feelings (such as sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, dissatisfaction),
Decreased motivation to complete tasks and/or engage in activities you once enjoyed,

Withdrawing from social supports, spending more time alone

Low energy and/or constant fatigue,

Trouble with thoughts (thinking negatively about yourself, struggling to concentrate, recurrent thoughts of dying or death, feeling worthless or bad, rumination on the past),

Drastic changes in eating (eating too much, too little or fluctuating in-between),

Struggling with sleep (sleeping too much, too little or fluctuating in-between),

Low self-esteem and/or difficulty identifying your strengths and accomplishments

Depression can be a combination of these or maybe you notice them all.

Depression can cycle through these on occasion or feel like a constant battle.

Depression is treatable.

Treatment for depression aims to shift symptoms in all areas they impact. Both anxiety and depression tend to overlap for many folx. Though not always, when these two exist together, working on one can help improve the other. It might look like increasing those positive engagements, regulating negative thought, breaking cycles of thought-emotion-behavior and exploring the parts of self-carrying those negative beliefs.

Safety is priority so if you're struggling with suicidal thoughts please reach out to state (Colorado Crisis Services) or national support lines (988).

For more info on holistic healing check out the Holistic Wellness page.



Connect today to set up a free 15-20 minute consultation call.

We will talk modalities and approaches to see if this is a good fit!

Plant Pots


This conversation really starts at the consult call. Following the call, we plan and complete our first session. Details about treatment needs, goals and modalites will be peiced together to create a customized treatment plan.


Cultivate healing

The journey begins! We will work together to untangle the thoughts, emotions and behaviors connected to your depresssion trap. Gain insights on the negativity bias of the brain as you learn skills to shift from old patterns, while honoring the wounds underneath the feelings. Outside of sessions, continue this work as you intentionally update responses and bring in a sense of balance to previously unbalanced experiences.

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